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Creating Gift Boxes From Greeting Cards

Creating gift boxes from greeting cards is quite a good idea when there are no cardboard boxes around, and they may be built in moments using help from the card and a pair of scissors. Someone who is quite industrious will find the creation of a gift box from a simple greeting card to be a challenge, and they will quite enjoy trying it simply because it is such a unique task. There are many people will find the greeting cards to be better patterns than any wrapping paper they may find, and they will notice the greeting cards are easy to purchase as they are available everywhere. This article explains how someone may complete the project in moments.

#1: The Card Must Be Heavy


There are many greetings cards that are not very heavy, and they will not provide the same stiffness that is needed. cardboard boxes may not be in proper supply, and it will be difficult for the owner of the card to do anything other than cut up the greet card. Cards are folded when they are sold, and they will be much easier to use because they have a fold in them that may be used in the process of building a gift box. Starting with the fold is quite simple, 

#2: Cutting Around The Fold

Anyone who wishes to make a box from a greeting card must cut around the fold to use the strong edges that are on the card. The strong edges my be used to create strong edges on each side of the box, and they may be folded together to make a closed box. Someone who endeavors to cut out a gift box from a greeting card may cut more than one section that has the strong fold in the middle.

#3: The Styling


The pattern on the card may go on the outside of the box, and it is possible the user may put a lining on the inside of the box that is fun to look at. Making the exterior of the box plain will make opening the box more fun. The styling of the card may cause each side of the box to look different, and the creator may build a box that that unlike anything they may find when they are shopping.

#4: The Cards May Be Written On

Anyone who is building a box from scratch will find it easy to write on the exterior. The paper is easy to scribble on, and the builder will notice they may write all they need on the outside of the box. The box will be a bit like a greeting card itself, and it will give the recipient more joy than a card and standard box.

The person who does not have boxes laying around must ensure they have taken time to build their own. They may do so from a greeting card, and they will notice there are many ways to build a box from scratch, and they need not buy a new box.

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